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Update Your Organization


Need to update your furniture or organize all that stuff sitting around but not sure where to start?

There are blogs and DIY sites all over the place to help assist with anything you would like to do. We are going to share three of these neat fixes, showing you just a few of the ways to turn a basic piece of furniture into something fantastic.

Jazz up a plain dresser.

To turn that basic dresser from plain to fabulous, all you need is a little paint and some new handles.

dresser updateSee step by step instructions

Want to create a storage bench for your hallway?

Take a basic melamine or laminate shelf and turn it sideways to make an easy base and storage area for an upholstered bench. If you want to add some flair, a couple more additions to add a padded seat and back to it will do the trick.

Shelf to Bench updateAs seen on Pinterest

Need extra space for storing heels?

Use a basic stainless towel bar or kitchen rail to make a hanging wall for shoes. This closet update also works well for creating a place to hang scarves.

shoe storage updateVisit Idea Hackers