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Futuristic Window Cleaning


The future of window cleaning

Robot vacuums are no longer the only robotic tool around. We would like to introduce the newest cleaning robot, which is specifically designed for your windows… the Winbot by Ecovacs. This little machine allows you to forget about whipping out the ladders or hiring a company in order to get those hard to reach areas on the gorgeous extra large windows you had installed. Instead, just attach the bot to the window and let it go to work! With a cleaning solution, a pad, built-in squeegee, and a second pad for drying, it takes care of everything. The automated system determines the size of the window and then creates a path to make it spotless. In no time the windows will be so immaculate, birds may try to come inside. For more information about this neat device and to find out where to get it head on over to the Ecovacs website.


Winbot - cleaning robot for your windows