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SapienStone – “The new frontier of luxury porcelain slabs”

Sapienstone fireplace

Introducing SapienStone, “The new frontier of luxury porcelain slabs”

Designed by GranitiFiandre, SapienStone slabs are an eye catching product, developed to work in residential and commercial applications. The companies goal was to create a product with exceptional hygienic properties. The slabs offer an easy to work with surface. Thus allowing designers and architects flexibility in in using the product.

As a result, SapienStone stands out from the rest. Especially in places where wear and tear is a concern.



The Benefits:

Resistance to heat, high temperatures, thermal shock and frost. Therefore making it the ultimate countertop for kitchens. A person has the ability to put pans on it without fear of destroying appearance or performance.

Resistance to knicks and scratches. Porcelain has a natural resistance to damage allowing the surface to  maintain its original condition for years.

Easy to clean and low maintenance. Highly compact and non-porous, it can withstand stains and chemical residues. As a result, it is the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Choose a bright or matte look. The polished finish option gives a smooth and appealing surface. Or the soft opaque semi-polished finish lets the natural beauty shine. Both options will never change in color or performance when exposed to UV rays or the elements.

SapienStone is a unique patented product that is on the frontline of eco-materials. To make the surface, micro particles are adhered to the porcelain at high temperatures creating an incredibly scratch resistant product. It also has the ability to destroy up to 99.99% of bacteria that comes in contact with it. As well as an easy to clean surface, it is able to prevent odors. Various colors and patterns are available which give a person the ability to achieve the look of natural surfaces anywhere they want.


SapienStone applications

SapienStone has the ability to avoid destruction and comes in large slabs that are light and easy to maintain. With countless benefits over natural surfaces, it is the perfect product for residential and commercial spaces. Since having been introduced at the 2016 KBIS/IBS show in Las Vegas, the stone is bound to become a huge hit.

Find out more about SapienStone on the companies website.