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How to Fashionably Recycle Old Jeans


Denim is making a comeback, in your home!

You will never guess what those old jeans you got rid of are being used for, insulation for your home!

Natural cotton fiber insulation, otherwise known as recycled denim insulation, is made from the scraps and clippings of jeans. It has many health and environmental benefits, can be used in both residential and commercial applications, and is applicable anywhere insulation is placed.

Some of the many benefits of this insulation:

  • SUSTAINABLE. The insulation is made from 85% recycled content and it is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable lifespan.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY. The companies involved in creating this insulation divert nearly 200 tons of waste, a month, that is headed for landfills. Also, the manufacturing is done through a zero-waste process.
  • LESS ENERGY. Less energy is used to create this insulation than what is needed to produce fiberglass.
  • PERFORMANCE. Using it results in a higher ability to keep heat or AC in your home, thus lowering your energy bills.
  • SOUND. A 30% higher acoustic rating than traditional insulation results in a quieter home.
  • AIR QUALITY. No toxins in the product, resulting in no toxins polluting the home’s indoor air quality.
  • IMPROVED HEALTH. No toxins means no skin irritations, no respiratory tract problems, and no warning label needed. It is completely safe and as a result, a better solution for people with allergy or asthma problems. 
  • SAFETY. Denim insulation is an EPA approved product, less toxic than table salt. It creates a high fire resistance rating and is extremely effective in situations where external fires can occur.
  • NO MOLD OR PESTS. Treated with EPA products to protect against mold and pests.

It has many amazing benefits but due to a higher price tag, almost twice the cost of fiberglass, it is not as widely used. So, you just need to decide, what matters more to you, the cost or your health?


Recycled Denim Insulation


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