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DIY Chalk Paint


Chalk Paint… and were not talking about chalk board paint!

So what exactly is chalk paint? It is the newest fad in paint, allowing a person to paint furniture without having to sand and prime the piece beforehand. This new product does not have to be something you purchase, instead you can create it with a DIY project. Annie Sloan and Ce Ce Caldwell sell it if you would rather just buy it, but they are a little pricey. Another option which is a little cheaper is Webster’s chalk paint powder which sells for around $14 for a bag (one bag = one quart of chalk paint). If you want to create your own, though, you can follow this recipe below for making it with calcium carbonate powder.


Chalk Paint recipe


Things to know about waxing after you apply chalk paint:

  • You have to wax it after you paint it onto furniture. Try using SC Johnson paste wax and apply using either an old t-shirt or a wax brush and if you have small spaces can always use a small paint brush to get in their.
  • Make sure that you apply thin coats of the wax and then buff it with a soft cloth.
  • You can use dark or clear wax… whatever your preference may be.

Why go through the effort of using this new type of paint instead of a basic paint?

It makes the furniture look more professional, you can achieve a distressed look, the wax makes furniture look like it has a rich patina, and the finish turns out to be more durable than just a latex paint.

For more information read this blog on the different chalk paint varieties.