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Cool Drawers


Keep Your Cool In The Bathroom

Keeping your cool in the bathroom has never been easier than with the new Perlick Beauty Drawer. It is designed specifically for use in the bathroom and allows you to keep products such as lotions, medicines, beverages, etc. refrigerated and close by. Who doesn’t want to be able to grab a nice, cool, refreshing drink while in the bathroom instead of having to go all the way to the kitchen?

Perlick has also come out with some other awesome products as well. Their signature series stacking kit gives you the ability to create your own fridge based on your family’s own personal needs. So if you use less fridge space and more freezer space, you can choose a double bottom freezer, single fridge top and wine fridge. (Such as in the picture below) They also have the perfect man cave product in their signature series, the keg fridge. These fridges store a keg in them and then have a tap on top, allowing you to get beer at the ideal temperature. No matter what your kitchen or bathroom refrigerator needs are Perlick has something for everybody!


cool drawers

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