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Chesapeake Views Magazine: Ask the Pros!


Chesapeake Views Magazine Q&A:

“What common mistake do homeowners make when building on the bay?”

Recently we were asked to answer this question for the “Ask the pros” section of Chesapeake Views magazine. Building on the bay has many challenges due to the large amount of environmental impacts it has. Follow this advice to avoid mistakes down the road with your own project!

Here is a summary of Rich’s answer:

  • The lot should be protected by storm-water controls when prepped for construction
  • Flash the windows, doors and roofs with materials resistant to corrosion by salt air
  • It will protect against bulk water associated with weather
  • Windows and doors should be able to defend against vapor intrusion
  • Control humidity with a well designed HVAC system
  • Choose an architect familiar with these details and a contractor with the experience to implement them correctly

Check below for the full article from inside the magazine.


Chesapeake Views Magazine - Ask the pros