Top 5 renovations to add value to your home

Ever wonder what could help you add value to your home? Doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of selling your home soon or not. Not every renovation project will help increase your homes price though. While the project may be what you want, it could make your home difficult to sell down the road. If you are… Read more »

Brick Inspires Eastport Home

Brick used in Eastport home accent wall Brick is perfect for a homes exterior, interior or as a decorative accent. Some benefits when you use this product are: It is made from natural materials. Allows for superior protection from fire, wind and moisture. Appearance is better for longer periods of time with less maintenance. Naturally… Read more »

Shine Your Stainless Steel

Keep your appliances looking like new! Stainless steel is a growing trend in recent years and one that does not seem to be fading anytime soon. Due to its ability to deter bacteria growth, resist rust, and hold up to everyday wear and tear, it has moved from strictly professional capacities to becoming a staple… Read more »

Cool Drawers

Keep Your Cool In The Bathroom Keeping your cool in the bathroom has never been easier than with the new Perlick Beauty Drawer. It is designed specifically for use in the bathroom and allows you to keep products such as lotions, medicines, beverages, etc. refrigerated and close by. Who doesn’t want to be able to… Read more »

Update Your Organization

Need to update your furniture or organize all that stuff sitting around but not sure where to start? There are blogs and DIY sites all over the place to help assist with anything you would like to do. We are going to share three of these neat fixes, showing you just a few of the ways to turn… Read more »

DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint… and were not talking about chalk board paint! So what exactly is chalk paint? It is the newest fad in paint, allowing a person to paint furniture without having to sand and prime the piece beforehand. This new product does not have to be something you purchase, instead you can create it with a… Read more »