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Brick Inspires Eastport Home


Brick used in Eastport home accent wall

Brick is perfect for a homes exterior, interior or as a decorative accent. Some benefits when you use this product are:

  • It is made from natural materials.
  • Allows for superior protection from fire, wind and moisture.
  • Appearance is better for longer periods of time with less maintenance.
  • Naturally energy-efficient.
  • The most sustainable green building material made.
  • Made from natural ingredients, minimal waste, and uses an environmentally friendly process

So why is brick not as commonly used as the other building materials? Likely it is because of the disadvantages of weight, thickness, and cost.

However, what if those factors were no longer issues?

One company, Glen-Gery came up with an innovative Thin Brick product, made from real brick and designed for use in building applications with none of the disadvantages. The products produced are as thin as 1/2” and come in a wide variety of colors to satisfy every taste. They are also budget friendly and since the brick is significantly thinner, the weight is no longer an issue.


Thin Brick Wall

In this picture from one of our projects, the Glen-Gery exclusive product is used as an accent wall. We turned to it after uncovering an original chimney during renovations at our project in Eastport. The discovery resulted in the homeowners desire to incorporate a “Row House” feel to tie the brick chimney in with the rest of the home. Since the product is so thin, it made it possible to create a character filled accent wall without taking away hardly any footage from the homes already tight footprint. The addition of a reclaimed wood beam across the top portion of the wall adds to the homes charm, and a blend of traditional and rustic elements can be seen throughout.

Check out the Glen-Gery site for more thin brick products.
Find out the benefits of brick in general at the BIA (Brick Industry Association).